Saturday, June 29, 2013

Our review of the saige premiere

This is info of the saige premiere. We didn't get pics but here's the goody bag!
This is what the stuff came in. 
Here's the goodies!
 Here's a few things: a doll bag, popcorn, a ticket, and Saige's sketchbook. 
It also came with this shirt and matching stickers. 
It came with this huge poster,
And last but not least, a pamphlet that says if you spend $40+ you get a free book. Oh, one more thing,
A ticket for mom. 


There was food! A cupcake in the shape of a hot air balloon, cookies shaped like palettes and paintbrushes, pink popcorn, and pink lemonade! Yum! (Mom: the food was for humans!) Emma: man!

The dollies. 

PS: moms cousin and her dolls ended up not able to come! :-(

Friday, June 28, 2013

Saige movie premiere

Are any of you going to the premiere of Saige's movie? We are! It's tonight and we're so excited! Mom is going with her cousin and she's bringing her dolls! Our cousins, kit, and Beth (MAG #35) the one with Caramel hair and blue eyes.  Here's us,
Here's our shoes,
Funny, right? Also, did you hear about AG's huge release? We're guessing you did. We get to see the new stuff in person, tonight! We're so excited!

The dollies.  

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Caption that doll picture

We decided to do caption that doll pic on our blog! Take a look
What do you think we're thinking or saying? make Emma, Marie-Grace, Beckie, Argos, and/or honey think or say something and we'll post our faves. 

The dollies.  


Hey! Sorry about the delay. We got busy. 
Here's us in our room. 

We'll post more later!

The dollies.