Meet us!

Here is where you can learn about us! We will post pics soon!

Name:Emma Victoria Bella (last name when I was adopted)--> Boyce
Nick name(s): none
Ages:doll years:9 human years:1
Birthday:April 2nd
Kind of doll:MAG #57
Description:Light skin,brown hair,brown eyes
Hobbies:Playing with my sister(s),playing with my doll Beckie (mini Rebecca),Playing with my pet dog Honey,and blogging!
pet peeve:When Grace acts all mature and grown up just because shes older
Fav color: light lavender & indigo! All the colors of my meet outfit!
Fav animal: dogs!
How/When I was adopted:Mom came to the AGP and bought me on April 2nd 2012
Fun fact:mom kept on changing my name again & again!
Left to right, Emma, Beckie, Grace.  

Name: Grace Rousseau Gardener (last name when I was adopted)-->Boyce
Nick name(s):Grace! (Look at fun fact)
Ages:doll years:10 human years: 3 months
Birthdays: doll bday:march 3rd human bday:Christmas
Kind of doll: renamed Marie-Grace historical
Description:light skin,caramel hair,blue eyes
Hobbies:playing with my sister(s),playing with Argos, and blogging.
Pet peeve: when friends are mean and rude to you
Fav color: pink & white, the colors of my meet outfit!
Fav animal: a horse! (No offense Argos)
How/when I was adopted:I was adopted Christmas 2012
Fun fact:my name is Grace because we found out Marie/Mary mean bitterness & rebellion!

Name:Rebecca (renamed Beckie) Jenna rubin(last name when I was adopted)-->Boyce
Nick name(s):Beckie
Ages:human:19 days doll:4 years mini doll:9
Birthdays:human & doll bday:April 1st mini doll bday:April 4th
Kind of doll: renamed Rebecca mini doll
Description:light brown curly hair, green or hazel eyes, light skin.
Hobbies:being played with by Emma, running from honey & Argos!, occasionally blogging.
Pet peeve:honey & Argos chasing me!!!!!
Fav color: red & black! The colors of my meet outfit!
Fav animal:KITTIES!!!!!
How/when I was adopted: I was an early birthday gift for Emma, (the day before her bday)


  1. You are all soooooo adorable!!

    1. Thanks so much! We'll do a profile for Beckie soon.